Striped Hair with Bow



This is a hairstyle for female avatars in Sinespace. This file contains a unity package of resource files for you to use to create new texture variations for the hair. Owned by, but can be used freely for any purpose in the Sinespace virtual world. The file contains a unity package which includes the hair items' FBX, texture .PNGS, normal maps, and other relevant maps. Once you made variations, you can upload the variation to Sinespace via Unity and our Editor Pack.

How to get started in Sinespace

The tutorials bellow will help you get started:
Get Started
How to Install Unity

For more information on how to upload the hair to Sinespace, please see our Attachments page on our wiki, and also see our Virtual Good page to learn how to set the item for sale.

You will need to have downloaded our Sinespace client from here, and also have Unity installed and our Editor Pack. To be able to use our Editor Pack, you will need to sign up as a creator on our website here.

Please do not upload these clothing items to any other platform.


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